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Art works – on 60 floors

The refurbished Deutsche Bank Towers are not only state of the art in terms of sustainability. They house a selection of artworks that reflects the new orientation of the Deutsche Bank Collection.

Even when the Towers first opened in the mid 1980s the art concept set standards: From Beuys to the neo-expressive “Junge Wilde” painters – a tour was akin to a trip through German art history after 1945.

Today the corporate collection is as global as Deutsche itself. In recent decades, not only has the business map grown, but also the art map. In Asia, South America and Africa, vital art scenes have emerged – each with their distinct form of expression.

As before, each floor of the Towers is devoted to one artist; around 100 international positions from more than 40 countries are on view. The art is arranged by region. While the young German and European avant-garde is presented in Tower A, artists from Asia, America, the Middle East and Africa can be experienced in Tower B.
Angus Fairhurst,
Proposal for a Public Place,
2006 Courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London

The Deutsche Bank Collection in Frankfurt invites people to engage in a dialogue with artists and their works and at the same time provides insights into very different cultures around the globe.